Reddito di emergenza quando i pagamenti

Reddito di emergenza quando i pagamenti

Emergency Family Income

The Emergency Family Income is a contribution aimed at all households registered in the Family Household Registry (RSH), which have an average monthly income equal to or less than $800,000 for each member of the family group.

Those who are not registered in the RSH and wish to receive the contribution must register and apply for the benefit between November 6 and 16. Groups belonging from 91% to 100% of the RSH must declare income.

This month’s IFE payment starts next Friday, October 29. To find out the exact date of the payment, go to, in the “My Payments” section.

After finishing the IFE payment schedule for the holders of the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and the Universal Pregnancy Allowance (AUE), as from this Tuesday, all those who opted to collect the 10 thousand pesos bonus through CBU or bank account began to collect it.

Likewise, as some banks have not been able to deliver all the debit cards, this liquidation schedule will be complemented by a rotated system of each of the banking entities. This system will be intended for those citizens who, due to this circumstance, cannot access the money through an ATM.

This Wednesday, June 25, the payment in CuentaRUT will be made to beneficiaries of the Emergency Family Income who do not have a formal income. Meanwhile, face-to-face payments will be made on June 26.

The Emergency Family Income is a benefit administered by the Ministry of Social Development, which is given to households in the most vulnerable situation, mainly with informal income, if they meet the requirements.

To access the benefit it is necessary that the person has a Social Household Registry (RSH) and belongs to the 90% most vulnerable. However, a new indicator was also created to have more updated information on the socioeconomic vulnerability of families during the emergency: The Emergency Socioeconomic Indicator (ISE), which requires that households must also be within 80% of this indicator.

People who consider that the result of the Emergency Family Income application does not reflect the economic situation of their household may appeal until July 3 at and update the information on income and/or household members in their Social Household Registry.