Agenzia delle entrate pagamenti tracciabili spese sanitarie

Agenzia delle entrate pagamenti tracciabili spese sanitarie

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Title I, which contains the tax measures, is divided into two chapters: the first chapter contains four sections, and is dedicated to the rules relating to the Company’s own taxes; the second chapter is dedicated to the regulations governing the assigned taxes.

Chapter II, divided into seven sections, is devoted to the measures relating to the assigned taxes. With regard to personal income tax, in addition to technical rules relating to deductions for investment and renovation of the principal residence, a specific percentage deduction is approved for the deduction for investment by an angel investor in the acquisition of shares or equity interests in new or recently created entities, in the case of companies created or owned by universities or research centers.

As regards indirect taxation, and with regard to the tax on property transfers and documented legal acts, the taxation of leases is regulated for the first time, so that a fixed rate is approved and the self-assessment system of the tax is introduced, replacing the stamped bills, used until now as a means of payment.

In a recent ruling, the TEAC has reiterated its criterion that in the event that accounting errors are detected in a year subsequent to the preparation of the financial statements for that year, the error will be corrected in the year in which it is detected. The accounting error will have an effect on the financial statements for the year in which it is detected and, therefore, will affect the corporate income tax for that year.

In the case under analysis, after the formulation and settlement of the Corporate Income Tax, 2016, the entity notices an error in the accounting of a transaction. In order to correct the accounting error, the entity proceeds to reformulate its annual accounts for the 2016 financial year on December 15, 2017, after which it considers it appropriate to rectify its self-assessment of the Corporate Income Tax.

By virtue of the provisions of NV. 22ª of RD 1514/2007 (PGC) and by arts. 10 and 11 of Law 27/2014 (IS Law), in case of appreciation of accounting errors in a year subsequent to the formulation of the annual accounts corresponding to that one, the error will be corrected in the year in which it is detected, not proceeding, consequently, the modification of the accounting result of the year in which the error occurred, the taxable base of the Corporate Income Tax, determined from said result, should not be modified.

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